IS: professional international dj, entertainer, presenter, party-navigator
PLAYS ON: weddings, concerts, international events & other party’s
PERFORMS WHERE: all around the world
MIXES WHAT: Afghan/Persian/Arabic/Hindi/House/Russian/Tajik/Turkish/Pop music
HAS OWN: professional sound system, lighting system & dj-equipment
WORKS: with official contract & clear agreements
LOVES: his fans, to perform live & to have some great fun
CAN BE FOLLOWED ONFacebook / Instagram / YouTube

DJ Roshan has different dj-ing styles. When he performs on a wedding or engagement party people hear more ‘live’ music with instruments like ’tabla’, ‘darbuka’ and ‘dohl’. On concerts one can hear pop &  MTV- hits mixed with oriental music. The music-style depends on party type and the crowd.


Check the video page for some live performances.

Music download:

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Afghan DJ Roshan photo

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